Saturday, November 20, 2010

holidays approaching??

As we hear of reports of possible snow in Seattle, we enjoy warm sunny days with breezes turning to wind gusts late in the day, a combination that dries our laundry in about an hour on the line, and with an intensity that fades our clothes rapidly if we leave them there too long! Without sunscreen we are quickly over baked, due to the nearness of the equator.

I love this! I love the warm air, the constant supply of summer fruit, the opportunity to easily find warm and intense heat on my skin, the incredible sky that evolves and changes all day long, culminating in a spectacular sunset every single day.

But...we are all missing home now. We left home 3 months ago today. We are ready to see our girls again! (when John was little he used to say, "where are my girls, i miss my girls"...we all feel this way right now!)and we are in denial that the holidays are approaching...partly due to the fact that we don't have a single familiar changes, music, decorations in stores (actually there are a few in Nairobi), festivities filling the calendar...and partly due to the fact that we can't quite imagine them without our friends and family.

John starts a school break in a few days. We look forward to a week with Christina, Victor and Yohani in Mozambique. They are family to us so this visit will fill us up and the timing is perfect.

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