Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My kitchen floor had monkey prints yesterday! I haven't seen a monkey here for awhile, and I must have been in the house when he/she made their visit. What are they doing? Darting in and out, not really causing any mischief besides leaving footprints? Weird.

Warren came home from the hospital yesterday with a great story. He took care of an older French lady who has lived in Africa for a long time... about half her life and she is in her 80's. He was busy with her, as she was quite sick...but in between he was able to ask her how she came to live in Africa. Her answer..."i had a lion..."!! No kidding, this is why she came to Africa. She was living in France when a person came around who had a small lion cub and was using it for money making purposes...allowing people to pose for photos etc. The French woman found this offensive and worked it out to buy the lion. Eventually the lioness got quite large and this was becoming a problem. Someone she knew suggested that she come to Africa...and she did. They had a large penned in area where the lioness could be during the day. She couldn't let her run free as she would have killed the neighbors pets etc. But she kept her fed and content...her words, "lions are really very lazy". And the lioness slept in this woman's bedroom at night! She died of old age in her 20's. Her description of this lioness was much like a person talking about their cat...the sleeping, the laziness, and the comfort. Wow.

Our friend Carol suggested that maybe we should ask every person we meet if they have ever had a lion! Perhaps this is more common than we know!!?

Of course I had a million more questions about this woman, she also had a leopard for awhile! Too bad Warren had to focus on trying to help her with her health problems. She must have so many stories!

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