Wednesday, September 1, 2010

running at elevation...

This morning Warren and I went for our second run since arriving here at Kijabe. 7000 feet in the air makes our efforts quite a bit more challenging...and the course, around the school campus, is full of ups and downs, a few especially steep ups. Our hearts were pounding and we were thinking about how strong we will be if we ever get to the point where we can run the course without stopping and without feeling like our hearts are about to beat out of our throats! Maybe this is a good metaphor for this experience. Life here is a bit more challenging in most areas, but we hope to be stronger for it...?? The people here are certainly stronger than we are in a million ways. Warren has been telling amazing stories about patients already...including the distances they have traveled to be here, the sickness they live with on a chronic basis, and the way he needs to think about cost so as not to burden them with unnecessary bills.
Yesterday our stove was exchanged for one that has a working oven and we happily ate chocolate chip cookies throughout the evening! Warren has been eyeing the rhubarb growing in our "garden" and is hoping for a pie...He kept turning on the broken one and hoping it would turn on if he just waited long enough!
I spent the day in Nairobi learning about food shopping and internet modems. And I saw the American embassy, surrounded by high walls, guards and barbed wire. It looks like a penitentiary. But the previous one was bombed so I guess this is understandable. As we came around the corner to pick up our friend who had gone into the embassy to pick up a letter related to the adoption they are trying to accomplish, a matatu zipped by...and the door flew off! (matatu is the word for the common taxi. they are small mini vans which seat as many as possible and they are everywhere!) The matatu stopped and a few guys ran back to pick up the door! I didn't see if they were able to re-attach it. That seems like a stretch, but who knows?! Maybe this was routine for that particular ride?
My goal is to post a few pictures before the end of today. I think I have enough internet capability for that be determined later!


  1. hi Sandra! Great to hear about your adventure in Kenya! What a stretch! I am sure you will look back and realize how much it was all worth it! Prayers for you and yours!

  2. AweSome photos! It's AFriCA--love seeing your home complete with John, zebra rug and sweet potatoes. Holy cow, running at 7000 ft. You are fierce. Like Larry says, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!" Glad you have better internet. Happy trails!