Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a few photos...


  1. Hi Sandra! I miss you already! What adventures you sound like you have already had! I am glad your travels were uneventful and all of your luggage arrived. (What a relief!) I was taking care of a Somalian woman in labor this week and thinking of you surrounded by such lovely people. Your accommodations look quite nice --- I hope there are no barbed wire fences in site! Can you explain the compound, how large it is, etc. Is the school in a separate location from your house? Can we use your email address? xxoo Tracey

  2. 1. Produce
    2. Kitchen with stainless gravity water filter
    3. John doing homework at 1:05
    4. [?]

  3. Hamjambo! love your place! have you guys tried Kenyan chapati and curry yet? We so wish we can visit!!

  4. The doctor's duplex! Awesome!
    Love the photos, and the updates. I'm out in Winthrop now, waiting for the in-laws. I love, love it here . . . but I'm missing Kenya, big time.