Saturday, January 8, 2011

erika arrived!

Erika made it safely to join us on Thursday night. She has already managed to go on a hike, coach a soccer practice and get a bit sunburned...Watch out for equatorial sun, esp. when leaving months of Seattle winter! But all is well. Today she left on the back of the pikipiki driven by John...headed for a hike up Mt Longonot. Don't want to waste any time! I am sure she will be driving the pikipiki next time. I don't think she has been sleeping much...her body wants to be on the other side of the world. But there is a lot of new stuff to keep her attention during the day...and she will adjust quickly.
It feels great to wake up and remember that she is here with us.

Warren is adjusting to all new workmates. January in Kenya is like July in America in terms of working in a teaching hospital. All the new interns have arrived and the trained ones have left! It will take a few months....

The other day one of my local vegie seller friends came by because she had been experiencing pain in her ear for 4-5 days, leading to pain in her facial area and jaw. She looked tired and quite ill. She wondered if we could help her. Warren walked up as we were talking and I asked him to check her out. He looked in her ear and thought he saw something. It ended up being a tiny black Maasai bead?! Easy fix!
Who knows how it got there!? She seemed to have no idea. But we put it in an envelope so that she could show her friends back at the vegie market. Now this is a source of great amusement when we see them all. She is back to normal and feeling great. You never know...

Joe went to a neighbor's the other day and learned how to make butter from the cream we get from our fresh milk delivery. We have a very nice container of fresh cream butter in our fridge now. We used it on pancakes this morning...along with fresh passion fruit, mangos and bananas...Pretty nice.


  1. Hi Fishers!

    So glad that Erika arrived safely. I saw Alison the day she was going to drive Erika to the airport! She is so excited to join all of you in the Spring! I can't wait for all of you to be together too.

    It is so fun to hear about your adventures. Each day brings such amazing opportunities. Your daily lives in Africa are so different than what we are used to. You are handling the changes with openness and wonder. You are also available to give and receive. Blessings abound for your community and ours. Thank you!

  2. HaPPy DaY! what a journey that must have been solo. You will make some amazing family memories. Thanks for sharing them with us all!