Friday, January 14, 2011

hair kenya style...

It seemed like a good plan...get hair twists, as the Kenyans do! and have hair that won't require much of anything in terms of care for weeks, even months. Wow! 2 days and 16 hours later!?! Erika has a head of beautiful twists, an adaptation to braiding that gives a slightly softer and very incredible look. She also has 4 packs of synthetic extensions added in! If she can tolerate it, it should stay for up to 2 months. It is a lot. We will have to see how it goes. She is determined to stay with it at this point. It is fun to try it, and besides...after investing 16 hours of time into the process you don't want to take it out too quickly. Apparently the removal process is quite lengthy as well.
It does look quite amazing...and the Kenyans Love it! So she has started well, already participating in a very common cultural activity. She looks lovely.

Today we spent time in Mathare, a slum in Nairobi that I referenced earlier. It is quite the place, impossible to describe. But the children were there...ready and eager to begin their "how are you?" chant. Children are adorable, playful and ready for interaction everywhere. Such a gift.


  1. LoVely! a blonde beauty in Kenya is a true delight! 'way to jump in and...when in Kenya, do as the Kenyans do! thinking of you all...

  2. Wow! Erika's hair is a work of art. Beautiful. So wonderful to hear about Maria's recovery and energy.

    Your family is so courageous. A boat flipping over in the Nile is fun?... sounds scary to me! I love your adventuresome spirits.

    Your experiences with kids, adults, animals, nature and African culture has been amazing. Thanks for sharing.