Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Africa at 6 months….

So here we are...half way through our African adventure. As is often the case...once you dive into something you only learn more about how much you will never understand or know! And that is surely the case here. We see people come and go and can imagine what they will tell their friends and family and we realize that our short glimpses hold so much that is inaccurate, partial, misunderstood…And we realize that this will also be the case with us…A year is a long time, but it is really a very short time. Cultural differences, language, relationships, restructuring of needs...these all take much, much longer if they can happen at all.

Our days are full of appreciation and pleasurable encounters. Many are also full of frustrations and complications. It is not easy to problem solve here. So something like finding a key to a locked room can be an impossible task, or things are breaking as fast as we can fix them… only to break again the next day, or there are constant needs coming to the door...And what is the best way to handle that?

Nonetheless...the sun continues to shine every day. The sky is amazing all the time. The acacia trees remain one of the most beautiful things I have ever had the privilege of seeing on a regular basis. We are warmly greeted by many acquaintances and what can now be called friends. Baboons are hanging out watching us when we run. And we enjoy ridiculous quantities of fresh fruits and veggies!

Erika already has a fan club of 9th and 10th grade girls. She is coaching them in soccer. They love having a young, enthusiastic and fun coach. It is really fun for her as well. She and I taught a class together last week. And on Monday Erika started to follow Warren at the hospital.

Warren and I helped John’s school get through a flu outbreak. At one point there were 70 sick kids...with about 50 of them in the infirmary! Unfortunately the flu symptoms masked the early signs of a bad case of malaria and a case of schistosomiasis! Kids get crazy stuff here when visiting their parents over holiday! Thankfully most everyone seems to be recovering now.

John took the SAT...same day, same time as he would have taken it at home...but 11 hours ahead. Nice to be done long before your friends get started! He has been helping Erika prepare for a real Piki ride...Soon they will be chasing giraffe together!

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  1. ...a great slice of life you will never forget and never get back. amazing adventure everyday! tks for giving us a glimpse of that life! stay safe out there =)