Sunday, February 27, 2011

living with monkeys...

We have been hearing reports of snow in Seattle! And temperatures that sound painful...And it is late February! Yesterday was Alison's bd. When she was born there were daffodils blooming...Apparently not this year!?

Here in Kenya we are hot and it is very dry! The monkeys get more aggressive when it is dry, or so we have been told. A few weeks ago I was working at the kitchen counter with the door open and a tail appeared over the edge of the counter! I thought it was a dog...I don't think monkey on first sight of a tail! When I walked around the counter to tell the "dog" to get out...there was a decent size monkey staring back at me. We had a moment of stand off, and then it sauntered off..I am sure it was going for the fruit container visible from the doorway.

Yesterday I made chocolate chip cookies. We were all sitting in the living room while the cookies were still on the counter cooling. All of a sudden the spatula "fell off" the counter and we looked up to see a monkey bolting for the door with a cookie in it's hand!

I guess we will have to keep the door shut if we don't want to be sharing our food supply for awhile.

The baboons seem more around as well. Last week I was running along the same trail I always use. As I ran by a big barrel garbage can a baboon lifted himself out of it! Yikes! A bit disturbing. Male baboons are very large and not always so friendly. I think he was surprised to see me too...

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  1. CooKie Thief! oh so cute, but in the zoo plz!