Sunday, March 27, 2011

moving on.

Ali and Myles arrived yesterday! It is so great to have them. Apparently the animals heard they were coming and came out to welcome them. In our walks/runs out and about today we saw baboons, monkeys, a chameleon lizard thing with three horns, a wandering tortoise...The baboons were out in force, as were the monkeys. We haven't seen this many in one day ever! The recent rains have made everything really green again. I think the animals like this too. Ali and Myles had amazing energy for the first day, fueled by the excitement of being here and the newness of everything?? Finally they felt the jet lag and the elevation and fell into bed. We were impressed!

Erika and I just returned from a few days in Ethiopia with a group of Seattle friends. We had a whirlwind tour of HIV/AIDS work going on there, all connected to many other efforts as well. It was amazing. It was a great distraction after our road episode a few weeks ago and a total change of pace. Just before that we had a road trip to Western Kenya with the same people. We thought we were going to see a clinic which might be an example of a self sustainable model...something we were interested in learning about. Instead we found patients lined up to see health care professionals...Communication has challenges! While the rest of the group worked at learning about the clinic from the perspective of funding etc. we saw an ever increasing line up of patients! When we got there 12-15 people were waiting. When we left there were about 30! I think this would have been the trend. But we only had a few hours. It felt like the edge of the world, on the shore of Lake Victoria and FAR off the beaten track.

In a few days we will leave for our climb of Mt Kilimanjaro! We are excited!

By the way, Erika had her hair twisted again. This time we went to a market in Nairobi. 4 women worked on her hair at the same time and it took just over 2 hours and cost half as much! Last time it took 2 full days!? She said it was painful the entire time, but the twists are back!

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  1. It is nice to catch up, I will have to check Erika's site