Thursday, March 3, 2011

is it time yet....?

Sometimes it feels like it is time to go home....

Like when you get up early for a meeting, assuming that the focus will be on the fact that people are quitting at the hospital...including one of the main people in your department...with no notice! And it is never mentioned because it seems that direct communication, or using meetings for pertinent issues is not the way it is done here.

Or when you have to get ready for the day without any water...and you have to return to carry water so that you can flush your toilet and wash the dishes from last nights dinner...and when will there be water? "Soon, very soon...don't you have water yet?"
And in your mind you think..."prepare for 4 days!" It has been that long before...with the same "soon" business going on.

Or when your favorite people are leaving and going back to the Cameroon.

Or when you can tell that your kids are feeling lonely and counting the days, but are also anxious about returning home...

Or when you just miss your house and your bed and your COUCH and your FRIENDS! And predictability and efficiency and even cold weather and snow! And even your jobs! Warren said today..."i can't wait to get back to my job and my people..."
(how lucky are we that we can feel this way?!)

On the other hand...We still have a lot to look forward to. You are probably never more helpful than when you stick around as people are leaving! The hospital saw more than 500 people yesterday!? There is plenty to do.

Erika has coached the JV team to a successful season and they have had a great time.

John is soon to be headed off on a school trip where he will get certified in scuba Africa!

Our friend Libby has been here with us and is getting hooked up with organizations where she can use her soccer to empower girls...Her best hook ups came from getting a ball and starting to play...word spread. "That mzungu can play!"

Our Seattle church, UPC, is sending a group this month. We are going to get to see them and travel with them, learning about clinics in various parts of Kenya and hoping to get ideas to implement in projects elsewhere.

And we just heard that 7 college students from Seattle will be working in the Nairobi area this summer...some in the slums of Nairobi with our Kenyan friends, and some in an orphanage that is also quite close.

And BEST of all....It is only 24 more days until Alison will be here with us!, along with Myles...and only 27 more days until we leave for our climb up Mt Kilimanjaro.
So I am counting the days as well....and these are full of excitement!

In the meantime, it is time to go fetch some more water...


  1. We miss you too! Africa will miss you enough. And all you have done for it. So HAPPy you will have your family together soon; then it will feel like one of your fabulous family vacations. But, come on, WateR plz!

  2. Has John got his suba yet? I did some in the lake last week with the neighbor, we did navigation. Sounds like a GREAT adventure. Love to hear more stories. Love, Mark