Monday, July 11, 2011


Our travels home were smooth and all the bags arrived with us back in Seattle at about 5pm today! 9 hours to London...9 hours in London walking, riding bikes and eating!, and then 9 hours to Seattle. July 10 has been a long we chased the sun around the globe!!

We are tired and really disoriented. But we were greated with so much love and attention!! Thank you to those of you who did amazing work on our yard...filling pots, trimming plants, weeding! Wow. It was amazing to come home to such obvious care and attention to detail. Thank you to those who brought food and flowers. Thank you to Mick and Carol for helping to pick us up and for bringing along food and treats. And to Alison and Myles!...amazing work and effort. The house looks so perfect and you made so many thoughtful preparations for us. You outdid yourselves. Thank you so much!

It is quite an odd feeling to be back. Thanks for making the landing softer...

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