Wednesday, July 6, 2011

kwaheri kenya...home sweet home seattle!

We really are down to the wire! Warren is in an almost giddy mood...bags all out, munching on dried cranberries, demanding that we bring out more clothes to use as padding around other things(Ali and Erika, you know the mood!) All cupboards are empty...contents on living room floor...chaos. John is in the midst of it all trying to study for finals??, but happily watching the progress that means he is on his way home! People are coming by to say goodbye, see what we are giving away, have tea one more time, leave contact info...

It feels surreal. The year has gone by so fast!!?

I notice that as the reality slowly sinks in and I can allow myself to believe that we will be there soon, I have some weird things coming into my mind...toasted rye bread, cake??(today I saw a US style bd cake while watching our nightly dose of House, and remembered that I LOVE them), Sonrisa Happy Hour!, Agua Verde, Varlamos, our bed!, our bathroom...Why these things? They seem so random. And this doesn’t count people, places and the fact that I get the sense that summer is really sort of showing up in Seattle now!?

Warren and I had a last hurrah sort of day in Nairobi on Tuesday. We had lunch with some Kenyan friends, shopped for a few more things to bring home, did a few errands...It felt sad...bittersweet. Nairobi is familiar and comfortable now and we have our favorite little haunts. I can picture how to make a great life here.

I love the concept of the “angle of repose”, that maximum slope where something will stay before it slides. There we were on Tuesday...Now we have started sliding!

See you soon!

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