Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2am and sleepless...

The irresistible afternoon nap has not helped with the night time here I am writing at 2am. In a few hours we will be up and making our way to Kijabe and our new home. After a stop for staples at the grocery store our matatu will take us there...about 45 minutes by car. I look forward to feeling less caged. The city is dangerous enough that we are locked in behind the gates of the house, which are behind the gates of the neighborhood, which is surrounded by a wall, which is covered with large loops of electric barbed wire...This makes me feel caged as much as it might deter anyone from coming in. There is a golf course next to this house, but we really can't see it. The walls are too high in order to keep us "safe". Inside the house is quite pleasant, but for someone who likes to walk, run, bike...exercise and move!, this would be a struggle if I had to do it long term. Thankfully we are going to open space and ample opportunity for moving about and getting exercise. The school is ready to start and the hospital is chomping at the bit to get Warren started. We are being encouraged to take the time we need, so I hope we can do that.
We have had the chance already to meet some amazing people...brave, dedicated, committed to what they believe in and loving to the people around them. Yesterday we had chai (morning tea) with a group of people working here in Nairobi. Chai included the delicious tea...but also peanut butter cookies (i think for the Americans;) ) and boiled sweet potatoes. Peeled and served just like that. It seemed an odd food choice at 10:30am but it tasted great...and so healthy! I think I am going to adopt this. I guess a boiled sweet potato at tea will be well received by any Kenyan guest I serve. John was told he can look forward to chai breaks between 10:30-11 every school day as well! I like this system...the whole country stopping for tea....even the doctors stagger their tea breaks so that they can all have one. Nice.
Soon I will post photos of our new home. At this point it is still our 9 red bags!! But our host Peter told me that a family came last year...parents with one son...47 bags and a dog!! Can you imagine?? I guess we are traveling super light in comparison to that situation! What could be in 47 bags??
Miss you all...

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  1. Chai time is a must! Which reminds me . . . it's just about chai time here at home!
    There was an interesting article in the Daily Nation (Nairobi newspaper) while we were there--apparently, there is a big push to increase sweet potato cultivation and consumption. For its drought tolerance and nutritious aspects. So glad to hear people are taking it seriously.
    Safe travels to Kijabe. I have to admit, it is always a bit of relief to leave Nairobi in your rearview mirror . . .