Thursday, August 26, 2010

remember the phone squawking sound when you logged on to dial up!!?

We are hearing it again here! John asked if this is really how it used to be and how we could do anything on the computer. Remember? We couldn't do much! That is our experience again. Wow, are we ever dependent on the computer! Thankfully we have been learning how this is coped with in this Kijabe world. We aren't the only ones with kids at home and the desire to maintain connection with other places and people....
We hope to have a modem coming on Sat from Nairobi. We will find out if it brings the promised improvements to speed and agility for the computer. If it does...I will post some pictures.
We are in Kijabe and settling into our new home. We have 3 bedrooms, supplies for living...and easy, easy access to both the school and the hospital. We are literally between the two, less than a 5 minute walk from each. John says the school looks like Jurassic it is fenced and guarded. But the inside is so nice...lots of green space for 2 huge fields, a big gym, 3 or 4 tennis courts, outside basketball courts...not bad at all.
Walking through the entrance to the hospital is like walking into an entirely different many people waiting for care! Warren plans to start orienting there on Monday when John will be starting school.
There has been a lot of haze and it is winter here!, but we have been able to catch glimpses of the Rift seen from most spots on the hillside that is Kijabe.
I have heard it has been really warm in Seattle these past days. I would be envious if this was truly winter weather but "Winter" here isn't exactly that. It feels like you want a sweatshirt in the morning and evening but it is warm enough for a t-shirt and shorts during the day. We make a fire in the evening and the temperature is perfect for sleeping....which we are managing to do more of at the right times!


  1. A Safaricom or Orange modem will help your life ALOT! But even so, there are inconsistencies in the service--but NOTHING like dial-up! If you're getting a Safaricom modem, make sure you choose the 'data' option, not the 'time' option. There is a trick to this--so email me and let me know what modem you're using. I'm an expert!!! It is so lovely to have news from Kijabe! And, just so you know, it is now cold and drizzly here at home . . .

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