Wednesday, December 1, 2010

another birthday etc....

Some of you may be followers of John's occasional blog. Somehow we succeeded in making his birthday enough of an event that it warranted a post. Wow!
Although it might sound exotic to celebrate a bd in Africa, which it actually is, I don't think it feels that exotic when you would really prefer to be with your sisters and your friends. But hey, school is out...and we made the day into a mini vacation.
After a bit of research we put together a day of eating, golfing and Harry Potter! The golf course was fabulous...much less expensive than such a place at home and with monkeys as an added course challenge...Will he pick the ball up and leave, or just smell it and walk away??
The power only went out once during the movie and the bottles and garbage that were thrown as soon as the lights were out only hit the chairs around us, never us directly?? Seriously. What was that about?
There were a few treats from home that made their way here in other people's suitcases over the past few months...and the day felt complete.

It poured rain here today. I did a full on sprint in my skirt from the hospital, alongside our middle aged and rather overweight property manager....still got completely in dripping!

This was after I spent some time in the newborn nursery where there are 3 sets of twins!? each set sideways and together in little incubators. One had his hand outstretched resting on the belly of his brother. Amazing.

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  1. This birthday story is hilarious, Sandra. You are a great writer. The twins sound so sweet.