Thursday, December 23, 2010

merry christmas!

Warm greetings for Christmas! We really miss our friends and family right now! Celebrating a holiday here that is normally full of traditional foods, people and activities is very odd and confusing. We keep reminding ourselves that Christmas Eve is tomorrow!!
And so strange to think that the story of the birth of Christ actually happened in a place more like this than any place we have ever celebrated before!? We actually saw a whole bunch of camels today as we drove to the coast! And I saw one in Nairobi on Tues?? Not sure what that was about. That one seemed a bit lost....
In any case, this change in circumstance has caused us to wonder what the coming of Christ means for people in such totally different locations and life experience? There are few outward signs that Christmas is about to be upon us. But we are still often sent off with "Merry Christmas" when we part with someone, and I have had conversations about plans for meals, family gatherings etc.
Warren has noted that the Outpatient Clinics were slower this week, hopefully due to people being distracted by preparations for the imminent holiday??
One thing we are quite clear about...We miss you! We love our family and friends and our familiar celebration. So much of what the coming of Christ means comes to us through those we love!
We aren't suffering...We are in a warm place, have great people around us, and we feel loved and supported from afar as well.
Warren, Sandra, John...and Joe for now as well.;)


  1. Thinking of you all. Ali has done a great job decorating your house. Even the snow flakes are up.

    We miss you guys...

    Lv, CT

  2. HaPPy Christmas!! We miss you tons (esp your egg nog)! Sending warm wofts of rib roast and au gratin potatoes down the Rift Valley to your cozy kitchen! thinking of you all...