Monday, May 2, 2011

another update from africa...

Alison and Myles have been with us for more than 5 weeks now! Katie has been with us about 4. It has been fantastic. It is hard for us to imagine that we will be back to our smaller group after Saturday, when they head off for more adventure in Europe and Morocco! We have shared a mtn climb, a beach trip, hikes, walks, runs, FOOD, animal spotting, piki riding, sports, games...and this weekend the kids went as a group to the Maasai Mara where they camped and drove to see elephants, lions, rhino, hippos...all with babies...and cheetahs and warthogs...etc etc. With some help from our friends and new Kenya connections they were able to do this for very little money. A huge treat!
Katie and Ali are going to leave here with hair twists, scheduled for tomorrow. This will make hair maintenance easy for the rest of the trip!
They have been great sports, tried everything, reveled in being here...and seem to think that Kijabe is the best place of all.
Times in Africa aren't without incident. And here in Kijabe we have recently had a terrible murder of a child and a break in at the hospital, not without some violence as well. The recent bombing in Morocco gave them a little they contemplate being there shortly.
But adventure includes just that...and they are ready for more! So off they go on Sat. And we will miss them!!

As for us...we have about 11 weeks left here!? John has started his last term of school and Warren has a teaching/training trip planned to another place in Africa. Erika will be with us until mid June. There are a few more guests coming and going and various things to finish before we leave.
We are starting to feel excited about coming home, with bits of realization that there will be hard things about saying goodbye as well. The time is going to fly by!

Warren has been doing a bit of mtn biking. Yesterday he arrived back at the house absolutely covered in mud! And his words were, "i have to learn, i am not 25 anymore...but i really do still think i am!" Apparently, and obviously!, he had taken some amazing falls...including one where he landed head first on a of head to rock. It was a good test for the helmet. After quite a long soak in the tub and a lot of work on clean up he seemed pretty ok. Learning that he isn't 25 will take some more time.


  1. I love this picture! Warren, you ARE 25 as long as you feel it!

  2. ForEver 25! You guys are my heros!

  3. What a great picture Warren! Glad to see that you are having fun. It's hard to believe that you will be home soon. We are all very exited!