Friday, May 20, 2011

i almost forgot...

Today I realized that I had not blogged about our dinner with Jane! Such an amazing treat....

Here in Kijabe we have a vegetable market of sorts. It isn't the best. The ladies liked it better when they could go door to door and just on Tues and Sat. For some reason this has now been made against the rules and so they have to spend 6 days/week sitting all day at their tables in this little market spot. I find it stressful to go there because I feel obligated to try to buy a little something from each person...there are probably about 8 ladies?? at any given time. Their products are not all it is the situation where you are thinking, "i need to buy tomatoes, i should buy something from her...her tomatoes aren't great...and those over there...where i already bought zucchini...are much better..." And on and on...The problem is, this makes a person like me want to avoid the place if possible and this is bad for business.

Anyway, I have become quite good friends with one of the vegetable ladies. When we introduced ourselves I was sure she said "jean", so I have called her Jean all year. Not too long ago, after being told by someone else that her name was actually Jane!? I asked her to spell her name. The accent makes it hard to discern between these two names. Sure enough, "j-a-n-e"...Jane. She has never corrected me. I am going to go with the idea that she probably can't really tell which I am saying...accents can be helpful!

A few months ago she came to me with a story about her granddaughter who was in the hospital...needing money to get out etc. I suggested that I could give her money to allow this to happen but maybe she could bring me vegetables...just to make it more like a transaction between friends. (So much of our life here is about people seeking donations from us.) She liked this idea and has brought us vegies several times. But the best thing happened...The transaction strengthened our connection. As a result, she insisted that she was going to have our group up for dinner when the kids were here...that meant 8 people! I tried to get her to wait so it wouldn't be so many, but she insisted.

It was a feast! Incredible Kenyan generosity and hospitality. I know we all felt totally humbled and honored...


  1. Thank you for posting pictures! It has been too long since we have seen your faces. Can't wait to see them all in person soon...

  2. Hi Guys,

    Good seeing your pictures and look forward to talking with you when you return. Is Ali back yet?

    Traing for 2 Rainier summit attempts and Shannon and I spent 2 nights at Longmire lodge in early May, it was great training and talking.

    Been biking a lot with Carol and the kids, fun. Will see Shannon and Jesse on Sunday afternoon for dinner.

    Love, Mark
    PS We took 15 men to Malibu Men's retreat that you got me going on a few years ago, my 3rd time and get for all. Got up on 2 ski's in frezzing water, fun. 235 men went.