Sunday, October 31, 2010

21 at 48....

The three of us ran a 1/2 Marathon as part of the Nairobi Marathon today...21 kilometers! It is my 48th birthday...and this is what I wanted to do?? John was's birthday request, what could he say?
As many of you who know me know...I have always said I wouldn't do longer races, trying to have longevity in my running life...over years, not with miles at one time. Something about being in Kenya...just felt like it was the right thing to do??!
Running here in Kijabe is a challenge. So our "training" consisted of running at elevation, but never going more than our 4 mile distance. 13 miles is a big increase!?!?
Some of you also know of our pedometer addiction. Warren is currently contemplating walking to the gas station for a phone card...He needs only another 2000 steps and he will have 40000!! for the day. His last record was in Rome with Erika...27000 in one day. The thought of walking another 2000 steps sounds incredibly horrible to me. The way Warren looked at the end of the race...maybe he should call it good as well!
As I read over what I have just written I am wondering if we have totally lost our minds...or brain cells to living up too high in the sky!

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  1. I cannot believe you are 48. Happy Birthday Sandra. We'll look forward to celebrating with you next year. ;)