Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Kenyans like everything..."

Today I spent the day in a large van/bus sort of thing with 26 nursing students. We made our way through tea plantations, coffee plantings, banana trees...until we found a very rural health clinic with 3 male community health workers keeping the doors open on a volunteer basis. Their commitment and resolve was amazing, while the attention I drew from the community children was quite humorous. Jane, one of the nursing instructors said to me, "you are like a white elephant that we brought to their town!"...I am just going to focus on the white part...;)
As we were driving along the old hymn "How Great Thou Art" came on the radio in Swahili. The entire bus load sang along.....very cool.
This was quickly followed by Michael Jackson's Beat It, immediately followed by Kenny Roger's and The Gambler...All loudly accompanied by the students...By this time I was incredulous! What kind of a station is this...and how does this work that these students know all of it? Jane,apparently seeing my expression,says, "We are Kenyans. Kenyans like everything..."


  1. What a great day! This is hysterical.

  2. And I wish I could be on the bus with you singing!

  3. Hilarious! Rock on Kenya! Sandra you fit right in. Love your adventures...