Thursday, October 7, 2010

ER thoughts...

The ER is a unique place in any institution and it is no different here at Kijabe Hospital.

There are truisms in ER Medicine that span continents, race, and money:
1. No one who doesn’t have the ER in their blood wants to be in the ER, and lots of people in medicine don’t have it in their blood.
2. There’s no place like the ER to strip away people’s facades and expose who is going to be there when you need them.
3. I’m convinced that the ER is unique in the way the environment encourages connection, dependence, equality of function amongst all the players in the drama, and a sense of “family”.
4. Like any good family, there are many devious subplots in the ER.

For good or bad I am realizing that my goofy personality is starting to come out in the ER here. It has been a month and a half and things have been so new and serious, but just today I noticed that the jokes were starting and people were laughing and situations in the ER were starting to look funny instead of sad and so serious…….I think I’m infecting this place the same way poor Northwest was infected with me. Beware Northwest……the infection will return, and it might be multi-drug resistant and terminal. I’ll Be Back!


  1. They couldn't be luckier than to be infected with wonderful you!! What could be better than being able to laugh in such dire situations? I miss your sense of humor. Looking forward to the relapse of your fun virus here.

  2. Well I glad that you're fitting in over there.. But we at Northwest miss you and I am SO glad to hear that you will be back! Have fun and can't wait to hear more stories!